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3060LED panel light

LED panel light

Product name:14W-LED panel light

Brand :zhengbang
Key words :LED panel light
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panel light
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LED panel lamp product features:

Imported acrylic light guide plate, a light guide rate above 90%
Green: no infrared, no ultraviolet, no heat effect, no harmful substances.
Bright uniform: bright light all plane output, luminous angle is wider, luminous no dark area.
Ultra slim: professional structure and shape design, ultra-thin beautiful, embedded without accessories.
Pure aluminum frame, light silver, good heat dissipation, the appearance of a more upscale
Stable and durable: 50000 hours long life, life is 50 times the incandescent, energy-saving lamp is 10 times, great savings in the maintenance and replacement costs.
LED panel light is a high-grade indoor lighting, outer frame is formed by 6063 aluminum lighting silver processing, the appearance of a more upscale, independent LED light guide plate unique optical design, light through the light guide plate formation of uniform plane luminous effect.
Isolated constant current drive power supply, output voltage DC30-40V, low power consumption, so that the lamp is more efficient.
Can be hung from the ceiling and the body of the bottom, when mounted on the ceiling, the whole ceiling is uniform, very beautiful, clean, coordination.
Can be embedded in the ceiling, walls and mounting surfaces.


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