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600X600LED panel light


Product name:30W-LED panel light

Brand :zhhengbang
Key words :LED panel light
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1, LED light source:
Usually use 2835 LED lamp, some people use 3014 and 5730.

2, LED light guide plate:

The LED light side through the network so that the light refraction derived from the front light guide plate is uniform, LED panel lights key points of quality control for [2]. Network design is not good, to see the overall effect of light on the poor, usually appears in the middle of both sides of light and dark, or into the light with light, dark or visible local area, or inconsistent brightness from a different perspective. To improve the effect of light on the light guide plate mainly rely on network design, followed by sheet metal quality, but there's no need to first-line brand of sheet metal and superstition, qualified plate between the transmittance are almost the same. General small LED lights factory are directly buying public of the light guide plate, there is no need to re design, proofing, and many manufacturers use the public version of the usually quality. [3]
3, LED diffusion plate:
The light guide plate of uniform light is derived, but also play a role in fuzzy network. Diffusion in general use acrylic 2.0 sheet or PC material, almost is PS material, the cost of acrylic low transmittance and rate higher than the PC is slightly higher, acrylic brittle anti aging performance of weak, PC prices slightly expensive, but strong anti-aging properties. The diffuser plate can not be seen in the future, and the transmittance of the plate is about 90%.. Acrylic transparent rate of 92%, PC was 88%, PS is about 80%, we can according to the demand of the diffusion plate material choice, most manufacturers are using acrylic material.


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