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6060LED panel light


Product name:36W-LED panel light

Brand :zhengbang
Key words :LED panel light
Product certification:
Product details
Product description
Place of use

1, the product energy saving efficiency of
2, the use of the panel lamp for more than 50000 hours
3, no infrared, ultraviolet and radiation
4, the style is novel, thin, each size for choice
5, the company's panel lights soft lighting, light emitting angle
6, the use of overheating protection constant current power supply
7, start fast, no flicker, no noise, no RF interference
LED panel lamp type: ultra-thin, dimming, emergency, color
Input voltage: 85-265V AC, 50-60Hz
Thickness: 0.9CM
Power: 10W, 18W, 80W, 40W,...... (optional)
Installation: ceiling type, embedded, hanging type (optional)
Optical flux: 700Lm-1900Lm (selectable)
Cover: the diffusion plate, film (optional)
LED specification: high brightness SMD-2835, 3014; 30mA, 3.0-3.4V......
LED single chip brightness: more than 8.5Lm
The power factor (PF): 0.95
LED luminous flux: more than 75Lm/W
Color temperature (CCT):
Warm white: 3000~3500K/: 5000~5500K/: 6000~6500K cold white


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