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3060LED panel light


Product name:12W-LED panel light

Brand :zhengbang
Key words :LED panel light
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LED panel lamp product features:
300x600 panel light; the input voltage is Ac85-265v, 2700k--6500k color, the color of Ra is greater than or equal to 75%. Average life of 50000H. The installation method is embedded, suction top, lifting type.
6063 the frame made of pure aluminum by anodic oxidation is 1.;
;2 high transmittance of PVC light guide plate, a light guide rate up to 80%;
3 uniform illumination, the light feels soft, comfortable;
4 low power, compared with the traditional fluorescent lamp, energy saving 50%;
5 long life, the average life of up to 50000 hours;
6 installation forms, the mosaic and hanging installation:
Life led to 100000 hours and lamps made of, now actually recognized life for at least 30000 hours, high quality can be done 50000 hours, fluorescent lamp is more than 10 times longer than, even if the maximum life of trichromatic fluorescent lamp life for 1 00000 hours is also higher 5 times to


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